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Lustrar Wray London 90mm


LOT vintage ENLARGER LENS: wray DALLMEYER nikon IHAGEE schneider ROSS rodenstock


Wray London 18" Lustrar W.A. APO large format Lens w/lensboard


Wray super gigantic 36" f4 telephoto lens


Wray 2559 wide angle lens f 6.3 / 273mm


Wray London Lustrar 18 in APO f10 SER.II Lens w Robertson Photo Mechanix


VINTAGE Wray London Copying 2in f1.0 C.R.T 2" f/1.0 Copy Stand Camera Lens


WRAY LONDON 2 inch (50.8mm) f1.0 C.R.T Lens RARE


Wray 30.2538 Vintage "Lustrar" H.R. lens f5.6 / 31/4" -xxv


Wray Brass Bound 8 1/2" f8 barrel lens


Wray Apo Process Lustrar 18 inch f10 Barrel lens


Wray London 12' Inches f/10 SER.II Lustrar APO Vintage Process Lens


Wray London 10/410mm #352188 process lens


Wray 41/4 inch F4.5 SUPAR enlarge format lens


Wray High Resolution Lustrar 12 inch f5.6 lens


Lens Big Wray London 6.3/36inch




Antique Wray 8¼ Inch F6.3 Wide Angle Ser III Brass Lens


Lens Wray Wide Angle Anastigmat f6.3 89mm Shutter Epsilon for camera 4x5


Wray Cine Unilite f1.9 133mm Projection Lens,projector for Fuji GFX 50r,Sony E


Lens Brass Wray Supar 4.5/2inch 50mm No26178


Wray London 4.25in f4.5 Supar #99220


Wray London 35mm f2 Cine-Unilite NEX mount #151560


Wray London Supar 4.5/150 mm 6 inch. Ser.II #160027 Lens


30in Apo Process LUSTRAR f16 Ser.V Wray London Pictorial Machinery England


Wray London Wide Angle Anastigmat 6.3/89 mm #244947 Synchro Compur-P f. Linhof


Lens Wray, London Supar f/4.5 - 3,25 pouce (82mm) #222378


Lens Wray, London Lustrar Serie II f/4.5 - 6" (150mm)


Brass Diatson denhan Lieds Wray London 5x4 F=5.6 No.1812


Wray London 35mm f3.5 Lustrar #239922


Apo Process Lustrar Large Format Lens f10 Ser.II Wray London in Wood Box


21in Apo Process LUSTRAR f10 Ser. III Pictorial Machinary Wray London


VERY RARE FAST 14 INCH F5.6 AERIAL LENS 14A/3140 by Dallmeyer or Ross or Wray


Lens Wray, London Supar F/4.5 - 4,25 inch (107mm) #61244


Wray London 36mm f3.5 Sony A7 mount #86494


EX++ WRAY LONDON SER 75mm f/2.8 COPYING Sony NEX mount 75/2.8


EX Wray London 50mm f/1.9 modified to Leica M10P M240 M8 M6


Kodak Master View 8X10 Camera with Wray 12" 305mm F10 Lens + Holder NEW BELLOWS